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摘要:Paret Two( 二 ) 9. Describe an advertisement you recently saw or heard. You should say: When and where you saw/heard it; What was advertised; What the contents of the advertisements were; And explain how you felt about it. Sample Answer: I want to d

 · Paret Two() ·

9. Describe an advertisement you    recently saw or heard.

You should say:

When and where you saw/heard it;

What was advertised;

What the contents of the advertisements    were;

And explain how you felt about it.


Sample Answer:

I want to describe a public service advertisement for you today. I sawthis advertisement on the subway station when I waited for the subway lastyear.


This advertisement was really impressive for me. Though I saw it oneyear ago, I could still remember what was advertised. The theme of this ad wasabout the protection of wildlife on the earth.


This ad was represented by one of the famous celebrities in mycountry. It mainly described the alarming decreasing number of northeast tigersand sharks in China. In order to make much illegal profit, huntersindiscriminately slaughtered these wildlife, which largely influenced thebalance of ecosystem and brought the severe consequences for all the humanlives. General citizens were strongly called on by the celebrity in this ad.The slogan of this ad, no deal, no kill, really left a quite deep impression onme.


As for me, I was deeply touched by this public service ad-- not onlybecause of its factual evidence, but also for its real meaning. After I saw itin the subway station, I felt quite regretful about the shark fin I ate and thefeather products I bought. Although I had known such kind of illegal behaviorsin our daily lives, I hadnt have any awareness of stopping doing that. Butwhen I saw this ad, I thought it was the high time forme to do something. At least, from myself at first. Even though I am a smallpotato in the social public, I still believe that little contribution can makea big difference.





10. Describe a place you often visit

You should say:

Where this place is

When you like to visit this place

What you like to do there

And explain why you often visit this    place

Sample Answer:

Xiao man, the western-style restaurant, ahouse restaurant, 200 meters away from my compound is the place that I go on aweekly basis. This is actually quite a unique western restaurant for it doesnot reside in any big department store or fancy plaza but locates in thevicinity of different communities where there live more than 5,000 people. I’msure one of the reasons that this restaurant thrives is the regular customerbase from this area.


I often visit it on my day off, usually onMondays. There’s a perk about coming here on Mondays that I’ll have half of therestaurant to myself because everybody is working. Once in a while though, Iinvite my friends to dine here. They all love it! The food here is simplyamazing. The chef is a Spanish, so seafood paella is a must-have. Surprisingly,the chef makes wonderful durian pizza which is my second favorite.


The thing I like most about this place isits music. The owner has great taste in music. You can hear soul, rock, bluesand the kind of music selections that you can’t get in other similarrestaurant. I often work and write to the melodious songs. I often talk aboutmusic with the owner for we both like Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. We not onlytalk about the impact such music has brought us but also the life stories ofmusicians who made terrific music. Such conversations always make my day! Ontop of that, the decoration just beats so many restaurants. The philosophy,less is more, marks every furniture. The tables and chairs are extremelysimplistic with the touch of in-season flowers like lotus, chrysanthemums.These flowers never give out strong fragrance so as not to disturb the flavorof the tasty meals.



fancy(精美的、别致的)这个词是描述地点时很常用、很地道的一个形容词,你可以说fancy restaurant 或者fancy hotel等等。


11. Describe a famous inventor or a musician

You should say:

Who this person is

What this person does

And explain why you think this person    is creative

Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about the one and onlysinger in China, Faye Wang. She is no doubt the most talented and talked aboutsinger in China, even today, when she neither releases albums nor givesconcerts, she remains one of the most popular singers!


Since her primary school, she began to showher talent in singing and has won many awards in a lot of music competitions inher school life. Her life changer took place in 1987, after she got enrolled inXiamen University, one key university in China, she immigrated to Hongkong withher father to pursue a music career. Knowing what she actually wants makes herthe person she is today. After four years, she releases her first album Stillthe Old Sentence after which she became the most liked singer in Chinese musichistory, repeating the success of her own idol, Deng Lijun. However, famebrought her trouble and she even said in the press interview that herbiggest trouble was that she was too popular. Apart from her music career, sheis a devout Buddhist and goes on pilgrimages to Tibet on a yearly basis. Ithink this belief in Buddhism makes her special for she was never too muchinfluenced by her popularity which many celebrities can’t handle in theirheyday.


Her life choices, her music style and herreligious practice all make her a creative person. One more thing that marksher creativity is her incorporation of other international music styles. Forexample, she drew inspiration from The Cranberries, an Irish alternative rockband, the Cocteau Twins, a Scottish band and Bjork, an Icelandic singer with acelestial voice. These three influences defined her music style that later inher career she was known for her celestial voice and ethereal music style. 



press是一个经典的熟词辟义。除了我们熟悉的“按、压”之外,press还可以做名词,意思是“媒体”。这个词在描述“名人”话题的时候很常用。你可以说press meeting (新闻发布会)。


12. Describe someone who is good at cooking

You should say:

Who this person is

What your relationship with this person    is

What kind of food this person cooks

And explain why you think this person    is good at cooking


In my mind, the top cook in the world isdefinitely my grandma! From the earliest memory of my childhood, she was THEchef in the house. Within twenty minutes or so after her work in the field, shewas always ready to say dinner was served.


Like many children in my age in China, Ilived with my grandma in my early ages because my parents were too busy workingto take care of us themselves. Before 7, I lived with her, my maternalgrandmother. I have a strangely close bond with her. My grandmother to me, in acertain sense, beats my mother in terms of the attention she showers on me. Iwas never a sad kid but when I get down, my grandmother can always cheer me upwith the food she cooks.


It’s not the diverse ingredients she putsin her dishes, nor some kind of fancy way of preparing food but rather thefinal flavor her dishes carry. It’s rather like The Old Man and the Sea. Mygrandmother somehow blends her age with the dishes she cooks. The flavor tastesmore than the combination of raw material and different seasonings. There ismore. Maybe it’s the pot she has been using for decades. Maybe it’s simply herunique maneuver of her own food. Another amazing thing about my grandma’sdishes is that one minute you don’t even see the ingredients then the next youwill see a table full of yummy vegetables and meat or fish. She has asecret—her big yard. She rears hens, ducks, fish, goats and she has a greenvegetable garden that is always abundant in celery, all kinds of greens,carrots. My favorite is the young leaves of pumpkin. With the help of somechili, the dish, pumpkin leaves, tastes heavenly.


Her food is just like her, wholesome!



serve这个词除了我们熟悉的“服务”这个意思之外,还有“端上(食物);();()”的意思。这个词在讲food, restaurant, cooking等话题时很常用。你可以说serve dinner, serve food, serve drinks等等。


13.    Describe an    event when you prepared/organised something

You should say

what event it was

when and where it took place

what you did

and explain how you felt about the    event


Sample Answer:

Amy and I have been very intimate friends since wewere little kids, we spend most of our spare time together. So I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my bestie before shewent abroad for the undergraduate study.


At that time, we happened to have a summer trip withsome of other friends to Sanya, a breathtaking coastal city in the south ofChina. So I planned to have the surprise party there. Before we took off, Icalled the other people to my home to have a brainstorming together. We came upwith loads of amazing ideas, sea-view glass garden, hand-made birthday cake,campfire dinner on the beach etc. As we had a tight budget, I had to book thesea-view villa with that glass garden in advance and bought everything weneeded online, which actually consumed me a lot of time. To keep it secretive,we also made up many white lies so that we could have time to decorate theplace and arrange the dinner when we got there.


On that day, we told Amy that we got the extra bonusfrom the travel agency for itgave us free diving tickets. But besides Amy, all of us have Thalassophobia(ocean phobia). Amy, at first refused to go diving alone, but we convinced herto have a try so that we could have time to sneak back and prepare everything.We put a lot of roses in that glass garden and hung twinkle lights around in.Then one of us went to the beach to have Amy back to the place. When we jumpedout and turned the lights on, Amy was totally scared and then bursted intotears. we sang the birthday song while me having the cake out. After that, Isneaked out to the beach and asked the waiters to set out the campfire near ourtable which was right on the beach. we had a dinner of our lifetime, watchingthe sunset, drinking the fine wine and catching up with each other.


This was my first time to organise a surprise party,but Amy deserves it. I think I also learned a lot from this experience, likepre-planning and how to make an amazing thing happen on a tight budget. I’m soproud of myself of leaving Amy the most unforgettable birthday in her lifetime.



这道题并不困难,无论是有工作的同学,还是上学的都会有很多题材可以说。在这里,笔者建议大家选择组织或者准备一场团队活动,实际上,任何一个活动都可以经过渲染后变成团队活动,这样会比较好抒发感想。比如,在这里笔者拿自己为即将出国的好友办一场生日派对为例子。在开始前对话题先进行基础铺垫,二十秒左右的时间,先叙述一下为何你决定为朋友办生日派对。对于主题内容控制在一分十秒左右,分成三个部分,首先,你组织朋友们进行brainstorming,策划这个surpriseparty,第二,中期准备,第三,当天suprise party的进行,遇到的问题解决问题。后二十秒的时间,进行感想的抒发,我在这场任务中扮演的角色以及收获。小提示:为了撑满话题,让内容稍带戏剧性,需要加入一个小困难,解决困难(制造矛盾,解决矛盾),从而也为收尾的升华提供素材。



14.    Describe an unusual activity you have done currently

You should say

what was it was

when and where it took place

what you did

and explain why it was unusual

Sample Answer:

I’mgoing to describe a trip I had last month to Prague and I went there alone.

I’m always a big fan of travelling, I have been tomany places with either my parents or my friends and I did have a lot of fun.But last summer I saw one of my friends posted loads of photos online, she wentto an island alone and spent the whole summer there. She told me that travellingsolo is powerful, introspective and shared a lot of stimulating storieshappened during that trip, which intrigued me to have one by myself. So Ifinally made up my mind of going to Prague, an old town in Czech Republic,alone.


My parents actually didn’t allow me to do it as theythink it’s too daunting for a girl, they never let me go to any cities in Chinaalone, not to mention abroad. So I had my backpacker friend home to convincethem that I would have a life-changing trip. Finally she made it. But, honestly, the pre-planning was so complicated, applying for a visa, booking flight tickets and aplace to live etc. Istill remember that on that day, my heart almost pounded out of my chest whilethe flight took off.


When I got there, unlike in the past, travelling fromone scenic spot to another occupied almost my whole journey, this time, I onlyspent one day visiting those must-go local attractions and lived like thelocals in the rest of thedays. When I was wandering around, I just put my earphones on, abandoned myselfin the beautiful melodies and sipped a cup of coffee in the sidewalk cafeinstead of chatting with my friends or parents. I found that I literally hadtime to listen to my own thoughts. It was just like a trip I had ever had todiscover myself. Before, I hadn’t had a chance to chat with local folks as agroup of tourists is not approachable for chatty locals. But this time, Ibooked a room on Airbnb and lived with the local people, which offered me atotally new perspective to study the local culture. I shouldn't say that myjourney went so smooth as I don’t have a sense of direction, I always got lost.Fortunately, thanks to those warm-hearted guys I met, I was saved out ofdifficulties again and again and every now and then, I even ran into somethingI had not expected before, a weird gothic building, a secret garden and a lazykitten, which made my solo journey full of surprises.


This unusual activity literally changed my way oftravelling as it brought me a lot of unusual fun. Sometimes, trying somethingunusual may make you anxious, but things always happen, who knows what’s goingto happen if you take that unusual first step.




对于本道题的Unusual,同学们的定义可以不同,只要对于自己而言是生活中不常出现的,从未做过的即可,只需要交代清楚自己没尝试过这种活动的原因,这样一来大家的选择面就变得很广。一次Pyjamasparty,一次Pillow talk,一次丛林冒险。在5-8月的旧题里,有很多可以拿来改编的,比如第一次吃某种事物的经历,第一次尝试某种运动(极限),第一次学某种课程等等。我们就拿第一次独自出游来作为这个话题的例子。首先,二十秒左右,前期铺垫一下从未独自出游的原因(大多数人没有独自旅行过,因为害怕孤独无聊,觉得危险,觉得交给旅行社比自己plan要简单多了)。主体内容分为三个部分:1.行前的准备,内心的忐忑与家人的阻碍。2. 独自旅行开始,一路上的所见所闻,发现与以前跟家人朋友出游完全不一样,一些新鲜事。3.还是遇到些麻烦(钱包护照被偷?酒店不满意?迷路?)如何解决的。后进行主题升华:有时候不去尝试一点新鲜事物生活就没有激情,虽然这是次不平凡的初次尝试,但以后会继续把它变成平常事。对于旅游类话题大家不仅不会陌生,有很多词汇都信口说来,这样也减小了一定的压力。


15. Describe a piece of equipment in    your family.

You should say:

What it is

How often you use it

What you do with it

And explain why it is important to you. 

Sample Answer:

Speaking of the important piece ofequipment in my home, I would like to talk about the oven. It is black in colorand shaped like a box. I bought it last year from the online authorized store. Sincethen, it was used frequently, at least twice a week. Initially, I bought it formaking biscuits for breakfast. However, later on, I found the oven was muchpowerful and functional than I imagined.


In addition to making cookies, I make loadsof other desserts by the machine. Say: pudding, cupcake and the macaroon. Whenit comes to the birthday of my relatives, I could utilize the oven to makecheesecake for them and decorate it by the package I purchased online. Lateron, according to the online reference, I successfully tried the durian pizzaand other dishes like the roast chicken wings.


Now, the oven becomes one of the mostimportant equipment for me. On one hand, it helps to develop a new interest andenrich my leisure time to some extent. On the other hand, I am able to be morecommunicative because of the equipment. Both my friends and colleagues will bewilling to chat with me about the handmade dessert and the method ofcontrolling the oven. Recently, I plan to make moon cake by the oven, which ismore healthy than those purchased from the market. Everyday becomes enjoyablesince I got the equipment.




16. Describe a car (motorbike or bike)    journey you would like to go on.

You should say:

Where you would go

Who you plan to go there with

What you plan to do there

And explain why you would go on the    journey by car.

Sample Answer:

As for the car journey I would like to goon, I want to talk about the journey to Mount Yellow, which is renowned as oneof the five most famous mountains in China. Located in Anhui province, thescenic spot is not far away from my hometown. It is roughly 4 hours’ drive thatwe are able to arrive at the destination. I plan to go with two of my intimatefriends to spend the weekend in this September. One of them, who have got thedriver’s license for roughly ten years, will be the driver of the trip.


In terms of the itinerary, actually, wehave prepared it for a long period of time, for nearly two months. A month agobefore we depart, we’ve already made reservation of the hot spring hotel, whichis at the bottom of the mountain as well as the admission ticket. We choose totake the ropeway to the halfway up the mountain and then climb the mountainwhile taking photos of different tourist attractions. Mainly, I would like torecord the four wonders of Mount Yellow, they are: strange pines, absurdstones, sea of clouds and hot springs. Beside, it will be a perfect experience ifwe got the chance to have a bird’s eye view at the lotus peak. Also, the nextday of the journey we plan to get up early and enjoy the sunrise together.


As for the reason to go there by car, it ismainly due to the fact that car trip will be the most convenient and economicalway. Once we take the train, we have to spend 10 more hours on the way to the destinationand then transfer the other transport, which will again consume much time. In addition,we are able to make preparation of food and drink well if we choose the cartrip. I mean the car is spacious that we are able to keep most of our luggageinstead of carry them by ourselves. Anyway, I am quite looking forward to thejourney.





17. Describe something interesting you    recently did in your free time.

You should say:

What it was

When you got the idea

What you do

And explain why it is interesting.

Sample Answer:

Recently, due to the recommendation of myfriends, I signed up a belly dance class. Actually, I started to be interestedin this dancing style when I was in the university. However, I didn’t got thechance at that time because of restricted monthly budget and limited time. Now,as I earned salary by myself and got flexible time in work. I am able torealize my dream.


The training institute is not far away frommy working place. The lesson starts every other day at 12 o’clock to 1 p.m. andsometimes in the evening from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. I would take it once I got theleisure time. During the lesson, we were able to learn different basic gesturesof belly dance and at the end of every lesson; the coach would combine all thecontent of the lesson together as a whole dance. We could randomly find apartner and dance in pairs.


It is really interesting for me who nevertake such kind of lessons before. Different from classes like yoga, the bellydance lessons are more attractive and lively that we could dance according tothe Indian music. Also, the mirrors are everywhere; we are able to appreciatethe process of learning from different angles. I real enjoy the dynamic classinstead of sitting still all the time. There are the reasons why I think theclass is interesting.





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