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摘要:19. Describe a time you missed an appointment. You should say: When and where it happened What the appointment was for What happened when you missed it And explain how you felt about missing the appointment. Sample Answer: If I have to say something


19.  Describe a time you missed an appointment.

You  should say:

When  and where it happened

What  the appointment was for

What  happened when you missed it

And  explainhow you felt about missing the appointment.

Sample Answer:

If I have to say something about a time Imissed an appointment, it reminds me of a bad experience during my universitystudy in Australia three years ago.


As far as I can recall, it was a Fridayafternoon. I was supposed to meet my classmates in school library to have agroup discussion of assignment for one of our courses at 3 pm. Actually, wewere a group of five and the assignment seemed a little bit urgent, for the due date was next Monday. Therefore, we really hada huge task that afternoon to distribute each small section to each groupmember.


Definitely, as I mentioned it was a badmemory, which refers to that I didnt make it that day. As a matter of fact, Iwas doing my part-time job from that morning as usual, and I thought I couldfinish my work at 2pm, so theres still enough time for me to go for theappointment. However, my colleague Jenny, who should supposed to take over mywork at 2pm, didnt appear that afternoon.


Due to the staffs limited, so my bosscalled me to stay until someone came. I really wanted to say no, but the bosspromised me that he would find someone to come as soon as possible, and he justkept asking me to stay. So I had no choice but to pray Jenny or someone wouldappear next second.


I felt so worried and anxious, especiallywhen the times approaching 3 oclock. What made it even worse was the busywork that afternoon made me have no time to call the other group members that Icant make it that day. Finally, the nightmare was over at near 5pm. When Iturned on my phone, I found many missed calls and some SMS.


Absolutely, I felt so sorry and guilty fordelaying the task of our whole group. I wrote an email to them all to send myapology and explained the whole thing to them, and we caught up our task byexchanging email. So that was my experience that missed an appointment.



due date是一个非常地道的表达。本文中说一个group discussiondue date next Monday,意思就是说这个group discussion应该在next Monday举行。或者,你也可以说自己从图书馆借了一本书,due date是下周四,那么下周四就是图书到期的那一天。


20.Describe a foreign country/place where  you would like to work for a short period of time

You should say;

Where it would be

How you got to know about it

What you would like to do there

And explain why you would like to work in  this country

Sample Answer:

Theres a foreign place where I would liketo work for a short period of time that I always would like to talk about, andthe place would be Fiji.


Actually, Fiji is an island country inSouth Pacific Ocean. This place is well known for it beautiful natural scenery,and it is regarded as one of the top ten hottest destinations of honeymoon. Usually,the color of ocean would be blue, but maybe people would never expect that theocean in Fiji is colorful.


As for how Igot to know all this, actually, I have been to this place once when I wasstudying in Sydney in Australia. You know, it is only five hours flight fromSydney to Fiji, but it would take over 22hours from China. Therefore, when Iwas in Sydney, I spent a five-day holiday in Fiji just like most Aussies andkiwis do. As a matter of fact, it has already become a trend for Australian peopleand people from New Zealand to spend their weekends inthis beautiful island.


In terms of what kind of work I would dothere, I think the work would be like an interpreter or translator in the localresorts or duty free shops. During my last stay, I found that there are reallyfew Chinese people in this island. When I was hanging out in the street, somelocals would do greeting to me by using Japanese or Korean, for that theydidnt expect I am Chinese. However, with the development of friendly internationalrelationship, theres increasingly number of Chinese people would like to go ona holiday in this place. Considering that the official language in this islandis English, but theres a certain number of Chinese people, especially oldones, who are poor at this language. Besides the work,the amazing sea, fresh air, slow-paced life, and the enthusiastic local peoplealso would be the motivations that attract me to come.



as for 或者as to的意思是“至于...”、“说到...”,是口语考试中很实用的一个词,当考生想要提起一件事时,可以用这个词。


21. Describe your favorite movie.

You should say:

when you watch it

where you watch it

what it is about

and explain why you like this movie.

Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about Forrest Gump,which is my favorite movie. The first time I saw Forrest Gump was in October,2008. Until now, I have been watching this movie for about 10 times. I usuallywatch Forrest Gump at my home. And sometimes, my friends home is the placewhere I watch this movie. Actually, I knew this movie because my high schoolEnglish teacher strongly recommended it to me. He said Forrest Gump is one ofthe most classic movies in the world.


This movie is mainly about the life storyof Forrest Gump, a person who is intellectually challenged. The most impressivepart for me is Forrest Gump runs across the United States after Jenny leaves him.That inspired me so much that I myself developed the habit of running.


The reason why I love Forrest Gump is thatI have learned a lot of important things from this movie. For example, there isan extremely famous line in this movie, that is, Life was like a box ofchocolates, you never know what youre gonna get. It gives me a lot ofencouragement to explore life. Also, I like Tom Hanks acting skills in thismovie. He puts so much effort into playing the role of Forrest Gump that Ialmost believe Tom Hanks is the real Forrest Gump in life. At last, this moviehelped me to improve my English listening and speaking. You know, watching thismovie for about 10 times got me accustomed to the speaking style of nativeEnglish speakers. And I also learned some useful idioms in this movie. Forinstance, Forrest Gump says in the movie, Me and Jenny was like peas andcarrots Here, peas and carrots refers to people who often enjoy their timewith each other. For all these reasons above, I think I will watch this movieagain and again in the future.




1. 时间

① 第一次看这部电影的时间

② 看了多少遍

2. 地点

① 通常在什么地点看这部电影

② 还在什么地点看这部电影

3. 人物

① 谁推荐你看这部电影的

② 推荐的原因是什么 

4. 原因

① 学到了很多重要的东西

② 喜欢演员的演技

③ 提高英语听力和口语



1. 开头句

① I would like to talk about ..., which is ....

2. 时间

① The first time I saw Forrest Gump was in ....

② I have been ... for about ... times. 

3. 地点

① I usually ... at ....

② ... is the place where I .... 

4. 主要内容

① ... is mainly about ....

② The most impressive part for me is ....

5. 原因

① The reason why I ... is that ....

② Also, ....

③ At last, ....


22. Describe a famous person.

You should say:

when you first know him/her

what he/she is like

what he/she is famous for

and explain why you like this person.

Sample Answer:

Tom Hanks is the person who I want to talkabout. I didnt know Tom Hanks until I watched the movie Saving Private Ryanwhen I was a freshman in university. 8 years have passed since the first time Iknew him. Tom Hanks was born in Concord, which is located in California, theUnited States. He once moved to New York City, where he began his career as anactor.


Besides a famous film actor, Tom Hanks isalso a successful filmmaker. His films have earned more than $4.3 billion atU.S. and Canadian box offices and more than $8.5 billion worldwide. Tom Hanksmost outstanding success is that he won a Golden Globe Award and an AcademyAward for Best Actor for his role in Philadelphia. Although some people say TomHanks is not handsome enough, it is actually his excellent acting skill thatattracts me most.


There are many reasons why I like TomHanks. The first reason that comes to my mind is that I love his films. He isknown for his roles in many famous films, such as Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 ,You've Got Mail, Cast Away, The Da Vinci Code, Captain Phillips, and so on.Another reason why I admire him is that his acting is so natural that theemotion he wants to express is conveyed to the audience perfectly. For example,in Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks successfully shows that right or wrong is themost superficial judgment in the world. Finally, Tom Hanks is a very kindperson. He once found a lost student card, which belongs to a senior studentnamed Lauren. So he tried to inform that girl by posting her student card inhis Twitter. At last, Lauren got her student card back.  



1. 时间

① 什么时间第一次知道这个人

② 已经过去多久了 

2. 地点

① 这个人出生在什么地方

② 他在什么地方开始职业生涯

3. 人物

① 人物基本信息

② 大的成就

③ 吸引我的地方

4. 原因

① 喜欢他的电影

② 喜欢他的演技

③ 喜欢他的为人 


1. 开头句

① ... is the ... who/which I want to talk about. 

2. 时间

① I didnt know ... until I ... when I was ....

② ... years have passed since the first time I ....  

3. 地点

① ... was born in ..., which is located in ....

② ... once moved to ..., where ....

4. 人物

① Besides ..., ... is also ....

② ...s most outstanding success is that ....

③ Although some people say ... is not ... enough, it is actually ...that attract me most.

5. 原因

① There are many reasons why ....

② The first reason that comes to my mind is that ....

③ Another reason why I ... is that ....

④ Finally, ....

23. Describe a time when you needed to    use imagination.

You should say:

when it happened

where it happened

what happened

and explain how you felt about it.

Sample Answer:

I want to talk about the time when I useimagination to draw a picture. It happened at a private painting classroom,where I spent an entire summer vacation. That classroom had been changed sodramatically that I couldnt find it when I decided to see it again. It was inJuly, 2008 that I joined that paining class. After two weeks, the paintingteacher asked me and all the other students to draw imaginative pictures aboutus when we are 20 years in the future.


At first, I didnt know what to draw. So Iasked my teacher for help. She asked me what I wanted to be in the future. AndI answered, I want to be an astronaut in the future. Then my teachersuggested me imagine in my mind what things I wanted to see and what things Iwanted to do in the outer space. What happened next was amazing. It seemed thatI suddenly had a lot of ideas, and I finished my imaginative painting within 30minutes.


Speaking about the feeling towards thisspecial occasion, I have to say I felt a little bit anxious in the beginning.The reason was that I had no idea what to draw. And I kept complaining about mypoor imagination at that time. After my teacher helped me, I felt released,because I knew what I wanted to draw. And during the process of drawing, I feltmore and more excited, for the simple reason that I was eager to show mypicture to my teacher after I finished it. After seeing my picture, my teachertold me that it was a pretty good one and let all the other students have alook, which made me feel a great sense of satisfaction.




1. 地点

① 什么地点发生的

② 那个地方是否有所改变 

2. 时间

① 什么时间发生的

② 持续了多长时间 

3. 经过

① 发生前

② 发生中

③ 发生后 

4. 感受

① 发生前的感受

② 发生中的感受

③ 发生后的感受



1. 地点

It happened at ..., where ....

... had been changed so dramatically that Icouldnt find it when I decided to see it again. 

2. 时间

It was in ... that ....  

3. 经过

At first, ....

In the beginning, ...

Then, ....

After ...

During the process of ...

What happened next was ....


24. Describe a gift that you recently    gave to others

You should say:

When it happened

Who you gave it to

What gift you gave to the person

And explain why you gave this gift to    others


A very special gift that I recently gave tosomeone is a print - The Chain Pier, Brighton - that I ordered from Tate modernmuseum for my best friend - Diane. We were classmates and studied together inManchester. Although we are from different backgrounds and cultures, we get onreally well and we both have a sense of humour and so many common interests.


The present was a print inspired byJ.M.W.Turners painting. It was not so big, but it was very beautiful andperfect size for her living room.  It came in an oak wood frame that madethis print more elegant and modern.


Last week Diane called me and told me shewas engaged with her boyfriend and they want to hold their wedding ceremonynext year. I was so trilled and really wanted to buy something for them. But itwas a bit difficult to decide what to buy. I wanted something special, smartand they could use or keep for a longtime. I spent days thinking and browsingonline shops like Harrods, Selfridges or some designers websites. One day Igot a newsletter from Tate modern about Tuners exhibitions. It just remindedme that I could find a nice gift from its online shop. And I did find one!


The reason why I decided to give thisparticular print was because we had spent a weekend together in Brighton duringthe summer holiday and we had some really fun times in this lovely costal city.Besides as we both studied art and design, both of us are really into finearts. And we have similar tastes. I was sure she would love this print. Shesaid that the print reminded her of the great days and the fun time we spent inBrighton.


Now the print is hanging on the wall of herdinning room. And I am so happy that she loves it so much. The print I boughtfrom Tate was the gift I gave to others recently. To me it is not only aspecial gift; it shows how much I miss Diane and contains my best wishes as well.





25. Describe a special meal you have    had

You should say:

Where you would like to have it

Who you would like to have it with

What you would like to eat

And explain how you would feel about    the meal 


I had many meals and I took part in manycelebrations and parties and among them the meal I had with my teachers andclassmates from my high school was a very important one and I still rememberit.

I had the meal at a local restaurant called four seasons, which was chose byour class monitor. Thanks for him organizing all the things, like bookingrestaurant, contacting us all, making sure everyone was free. To me, the meal wasa very important part of our graduation. The meal was held in the evening andour teachers, classmates and even some of students from other classes enjoyedthe wonderful night together. My best friend Fei and I went there together and shewas sitting next to me during the meal.

This was a special meal because this was the last meal I had with all myclassmates who had been my friends for more than 4 years. I was a bit sad toadmit that I won
t see most of them in my life again and I was happy that I hadsuch good memories about my school, teachers and friends.

There was a short speech by 2-3 of our teachers and by our class monitor andafter that the meal was served. Many dishes were served in the feast and we allate voraciously as we were hungry. I enjoyed the desert very much. I returnedhome very late and started feeling that I would never forget the good meal Ihad with my teachers and friends.



这是Part2新题也可以说是今次9-12份题库中比较简单的一个,因为与之前的题目非常相似,是一个“旧变新”的题目。考生可以运用之前准备的素材如“第一次吃的食物”。虽然要讲的是special meal,但是考生可以与“人”、“地”或者“事”联系起来,说明在一个什么样特殊的情况、地点、与哪位特殊的人物一起。通过这样发散的联系,丰富Part2的内容。


本次Part3 是根据Part2题卡中的《海外工作》相关延伸,同学们可参考,根据自己的实际情况作改写。对于G类考生来说,这个题卡的参考性更好,因为可能会结合工作经验论述一些个人观点。


1. What kinds of jobs are easy to get in aforeign country?

Sample Answer:

Generally, Id say it depends on what a country expectsfrom a foreign worker in the light of domestic situations. You know, its not difficult in some western countries toget some sort of vacancies, like electronic or electric technicians, whichrequire professional skills and qualification. While in some African countries,doctors or nurses would be very welcome, coz there needs to be a great deal ofmedical care for its people.





2. Should young adults work abroad? 

Sample Answer:

I dont think the local government would like tosee a migration of young workers moving out. Its very clear that young labor force is extremelyvital when a place needs development or construction, no matter it is laborwork or mental work. But, itsunderstandable that individuals ache for the chance to earn or experience moreoverseas. They are likely to get well-paid in developed countries like USA orUK, or acquire a second language abroad. Furthermore, exotic food and culturesmay satisfy their curiosity as well.





3. If they dont work abroad, would it be helpful for themto travel in a foreign country? 

Sample Answer:

Most definitely.

People are able tosharpen a foreign language skill, which at first would help them have a betterunderstanding while travelling overseas. In addition, with an increasinglyglobalized world, those who own the experience of communicating with foreignerscould gain popularity in multinational companies Backhome. Whats more, Traveling overseas includingappreciating breath-taking views and having tasty food is an important way forpeople to let off steam from tedious daily routine.





4. Do Chinese parents encourage their childrento work abroad?

 Sample Answer:

On the whole, they do.In fact, many Chinese parents financially support their kids going to westerncountries, like US or Canada, for further education or job opportunities sothat their kids could have a better life in the future. To avoid the fiercedomestic competition in education and employment, quite a few students orgraduates from well-off families are flocking to developed countries, probablyto immigrate one day. Whereas, due to the aging problem and one-child policy, afew parents now also expect their children to come back to take over familybusiness.





5. If you had an opportunity to live abroad,which country would you like to settle down? 

Sample Answer:

In that case, Id prefer to settle in Australia. You know, Ive been to Sydney several times. It is reallya good place to enjoy oneslife. Actually, as a dentist, I can easily get a well-paid job up to 60K peryear. Whatsmore important, my cousin has lived there for quite a long time, so its quite convenient for me to fit into thelocal culture and get used to the living habit there. And also, I am pleasedwith the environment in Sydney. With so many years in a smoggy weather here,Australia would offer me with a place where Im able to escape.





同学们在回应这些类似Part 3的问题中,答题的长度可以适当再加灵活延伸,切忌背诵固定答案。




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