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摘要:Paret Two( 一 ) You will have to talkabout the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minuteto think about what you are going to say. You can make somenotes to help you if you wish. 1. Describe a sport stadium that s important in your city. You

 · Paret Two() ·


You will have to talkabout the topic for one to two minutes.

You have one minuteto think about what you are going to say.

You can make somenotes to help you if you wish.


1. Describe a sport stadium thats important    in your city.

You should say:

where it is

how often you go there

what people do there

and explain why you think it is    important


Sample answer:

The stadium that Idparticularly like to introduce is JinanOlympic Center, which was specially constructed for 11th NationalGames held in Jinan in2009. This center lies in east Jinan,about 11 km away from city center. Its onJingshi Rd which is well-known for its role as the most important traffic artery in my city. Thecenter consists of two major stadiums. One is called Donghe, serving a function of holdingindoor games like badminton competition, while another one is named Xiliu, principallybeing responsible for holding outdoor sport matches like track and field games.


However, after the National Games, the centers role has been shifted. Basically, itnow serves as a home field for the localfootball team-- Shandong LunengFootball Team. Besides, its nowopen for the public to do sports in its well-equipped stadiums, which is alsothe chief reason why I go there frequently. On average, I play badminton thereonce a week and some male friends of mine enjoy playing basketball there almostevery week. I suppose that residents tendto go there because the sports facilities there are of high quality. Also,the ancillary facilities,such as the bathroom, the lounge, and of course the service center,outstandingly cater toresidents need of enjoying sports. Ok,one thing Id also like to mention here isthat the two stadiums are now holding almost all concerts in the city. Ipersonally have already been to about 5 concerts there, which left me unforgettable memories.


Finally, Id like todiscuss some profoundinfluences the center has brought to us. First of all, it provides the public aterrific opportunity to enjoysports, improving public health and bettering local dwellers life quality. Equally, the society hasbeen offered considerable benefits, such as tax revenue got from visitors andfrom charge for facility use. Anyway, the construction of this sports centerhas made local residents and the city major beneficiaries.





traffic artery: 交通动脉

serves as:作为而服务;起到的作用/角色

serving a function of:起到作用

home field:主场

tend to:倾向于做;喜欢做

ancillary facilities:配套设施,附属设施

cater to:满足/迎合需求




2. Describe something you enjoy doing    after work or study.

You should say:

what it is

who you usually do it with

how long you usually spend doing this    activity

and explain what you get from doing    this activity

Sample answer:

Well, this topic is particularly interesting to me as I havebeen into body-building inrecent half year. Body-building is a complex thing, which aims to build bodyshape, or muscles, through physical training, a combination of strength trainingendurance trainingaerobic training and so forth.


Normally, I go to gym at least 3 times a week. I go there bymyself but I train with my personaltrainer. As some other young people in China, I bought and attend conditioning classes in a gymclose to my home. During my personal training class, different from thosepublic conditioning classes open for every member, I do specially designed training.What attracts me most is that my personal trainer knows my strengths andweaknesses, so he carefully designs suitable training sessions in order to meetmy needs. On average, I spend 2 hours working out in the gym, of which 1 houris for personal training class and another 1 is for aerobic training likejogging or cycling.


Now, its the 7thmonth I have been kept doing this kind of activity, and I cannot be more surprised at the change of my body. I wouldsay doing this thing is one of the most correct decisions I have made recentlybecause its truly amazing to witness thechange of my body shape day by day. If not for doing this, I would by no meansknow the importance of Body MassIndex (BMI); neither would I know what Lean Body Mass (LBM) means to a person. If not for this, Iwould definitely only do aerobic training like running as silly as a toadbecause to increase Lean Body Mass bydoing strength training is of paramount importance to someone who wants to loseweight and build gorgeous body shape. Anyway, body-building has changed me alot, and I do believe that I will keep doing this.





strength training:力量训练

endurance training:耐力训练

aerobic training:有氧训练

personal trainer:私教

conditioning classes:健身训练课

cannot be more(adj.):不能更,常接形容词,形容某人(物)非常高兴,或重要等。

Body Mass Index (BMI):身体质量指数,常用于衡量人身高体重比例是否符合标准。

Lean Body Mass (LBM):瘦体重,指瘦肉(肌肉)在人体中的重量和比例。

as silly as a toad:傻乎乎地

3. Describe an activity/a sport you do    sometimes which is a little expensive.

You should say:

what it is

how much it usually costs

who you usually do it with

and explain why you like to do this    activity.

Sample answer:

Theres one particularleisure activity, or sport some people may say, that has triggered my interestin recent two years. It is snorkeling,a popular activity that allows people to float on the water to experience theunderwater scenery with the aid of a snorkel(the breathing tube) on most tropicalresortsAnd just because of its geographical limit, the availability is rather low for me, which istruly a pity. Ok, speaking of its cost, I should say it is highly uncertain,but Im sure that whichever island I go, thecost is quite high. Forexample, if I remember correctly, I spent about AUD$150 in Cairns, Australia,and about US$100 in Bali and Fiji respectively. I think itfairlyexpensive for a tourist to pay for this activity, so if allowed, I would ratheruse my own snorkel, diving maskand foot fins to enjoy thisactivity near my hotel like I did this year in Palau. Basically, snorkeling isa personal activity, so I dont have todo it in pair or in group. But its stillnecessary to have someone on guard to ensure my safety.


Before gettingaccess to snorkeling, I have no idea about how amazing and spectacularwater activities can be. I mean, as I live in an inland city, Im not in a position to enjoy wateractivities except swimming in pool. So when I first experienced snorkeling inCairns, despite a little bit of worry and anxiety, I got much more impressivememories. I fancy the feelingof swimming with fish dancing at hand, and I cantdeny the opportunity to enjoythe peace and freedom floating on the sea. All these experiences offer me nothing but joy, so its natural to fall in love with snorkeling.






tropical resorts:热带度假胜地


diving mask:面镜,护目镜

foot fins:脚蹼


get access to:接触到,获得

inland city:内陆城市

(be) in a position to:有条件做某事


deny the opportunity to:拒绝做的机会

nothing but:唯有

4. Describe a creative person that you    admire.

You should say:

Who this person is

How you know this person

What creative things this person likes    to do

And explain why you admire this person

Sample Answer:

Among the people I know, Ma Yun is acreative person. Im not sure whether youve ever heard of him, he was one ofthe founders of Alibaba, which is a very famous group in my country. I havesuch impression of him not only because of what he did, but also his creativename. You know, Ma means horse in Chinese, and Yun means cloud. Can you imaginea horse running in the cloud? You may think it is ridiculous. Well, to him,there is almost nothing impossible. Maybe there is a destiny in his life thathe will impress the world with creativity. When he first had the idea ofE-commerce about 20 years ago, he was taken as a liar and a cheater. Nobodywould believe him, let alone investing on his project. But he never lost faith,he just kept going and eventually established Alibaba group together with otherfollowers. And this is where people start to notice him, a guy who has manycreative thoughts, though he doesnt have a cute face. I think Ma Yun is asuccessful entrepreneur who has many qualities that others dont have. This iswhy he is always able to surprise others.



本题抽象之处在于creative,而在众多考生的印象当中,有创造性的人并不是很多,因为传统教育下的我们是缺少创造性的,周围的人也是如此。所以硬要寻找一个熟知的人的话,必然会经历一番周折。而选取名人为主要描述对象的话,除了省时,更具有客观性。毕竟有关名人的新闻是经常听到或看到的。考生如果“编造”一些信息的话,也并非不可,但是要注意信息的逻辑性排列。如果要列举英国或美国名人的话,更有可能和考官产生共鸣,但同时更要注重信息的客观准确性,你不能说Thomas Edison发明了Atomic Bomb


5. Describe a small business that you    would like to own

You should say:

What this business would be

How you would start/open this business

How you would run this business

And explain why you would like to run    this kind of business.

Sample Answer:

In mylife, Ive always wanted to run a business. Specifically, Id like to open arestaurant which serves local snack in a community or near a school where thereare always people going back and force, so I dont have to worry about thereare no guests. The price of the food is inexpensive. It doesnt need to be avery big restaurant. A dining room with five tables would do just fine in thebeginning. And if the business is really good, I may consider expanding therestaurant, maybe by looking for another place to rent. Running a business isnot as easy as I think, because money is always the biggest problem. But Ithink my parents would agree with me on this, so I can borrow some money fromthem, or getting a loan from the bank. Ive heard that banks have preferableloan programs, and the interest is really not that much. If the money is set,then I need to decorate the restaurant a little bit and hire several waiters orwaitresses. Once the restaurant is open, I will stick a poster on the doorwhich says 50% discount dish is served every single day, you know, just toget more customers. I want to run a greasy spoon like this because I am a foodaddict. Most importantly, if I am the boss, I can eat for free.



本题对于考生的话题词汇量有较高的要求。话题词汇的融入可以更形象,更贴切来对主题进行描述。笔者的主题是“经营快餐店”,所以相应的话题词汇可以更有效的说明问题,比如说guests, loan, interest, dining room, decorate, hire, discount dish,greasy spoon等等。同时要注意句子与句子之间的逻辑关系,比如开店之前的筹备、经营餐厅的具体细节和手段。同时,此类考题对考生依然是很大的挑战,因为不是所有考生都曾经有过“做生意”的想法。所以前期的话题准备尤为重要。


6. Describe    an occasion when you ate a kind of food for first time

You    should say:

When    you had it

Where    you ate it

What    it was

And    how you felt about it


Sample Answer:

A coupleof years back, my friends and I went to Inner Mongolia, a province where localpeople are living a nomadic lifestyle. That was the first time I saw the grassyplains, so everything was very exciting to me, especially the food. And therewas just one kind of food whose taste that I would never forget. I dont eventhink people should call it food, because it was a dish of insects, a kind ofdiving beetle to be exactly. But local people love it. They get rich proteinfrom it. Because such insects are not easy to come by,the price of the dish is really expensive. Some of my friends immediately saidno when the waiter was introducing the special dishes on the menu, while othersreally wanted to give it a try. I didnt care about what others might think. Atfirst, I was quite sure that if they wanted me to eat it, they would have to goover my dead body first. But things had changed. My friend insisted so hardthat I finally gave in and literally put one into my mouth. I knew the beetleswere all well-cooked, I mean dead, but I could still feel it moving in mymouth. I remember I just chewed twice before I swallowed it, and that taste wasreally hard to tell, it was nothing like meat, a whole new taste Ive evertried. Maybe it was how the protein tastes like. From then on, I swear to Godthat I will never put insects into my mouth, not because of the taste, but theway they look.



本题的难度适中,很大程度上并未超出考生的基本认知。此外,本题的“故事叙述性”较强,要求考生有较强的时间发展顺序观念。讲故事的重点是将听者慢慢的带入到你的字里行间,切勿跳跃性太强。对于词汇的选择,考生只需要使用自己熟知的基础词汇即可,但若想要自己的答案与众多考生不同,就要使用一些生僻的词汇,也就是不太常见的食物名称,比如“蚕蛹(silkworm chrysalis),醉虾(drunk shrimp),小龙虾(crawfish)”。就算有些食物是经常吃的,考生只需要重点渲染你初体验时的心理感受就可以了。

7. Describe a time when you were very    busy.

You should say:

When it was

What you had to do during that time

How you managed it

And explain how you felt about being    busy


Well, as for the topic, I would like to tell you a busy time when Icelebrated Spring Festival with my family members last year. Actually, weChinese people celebrate Spring Festival every year. But the one I spent withmy parents last year was quite impressive for me.


During that period of time, I was occupied nearly every day withfriends, internship, housework and so on. Cause I havent seen my friends for a long time when Istudied in another city. Also, I was a senior student in the university, Ineeded to take part in some social activities to gain some working experience.However, it was Spring Festival. So theres no doubt that my parents were so busyat time. I must share the housework with my mother and sometimes went for newyears shopping with herin order to buy some gifts for my other family members.


To tell you the truth, I was really agitated at first. But I tried tomanage it by myself. I set a quite detailed schedule about all the things thatI had to do at that time. For day time of the weekdays, I found a full time jobin a local business company. As for weekends, I went for festival shopping withmy mother and had parties with my friends.


During that period of time, I was really busy. But I like such kind offeeling. Sometimes, I might feel exhausted and wanted to give up about myinternship due to its low pay and long working hours. I also felt bored withthose social activities with my friends. But I really enjoyed the busy time.Although my timetable was full nearly every day, I could still have a sense ofsuccess when I got the praise from my boss and brought happiness to my friends.I learned how to manage my busy time well and how to handle my emotions andstress. All in all, I really appreciated to have such kind of experience aboutbeing busy.





8. Describe a useful website that you often visit.

You should say:

What the contents of this website are

How you first found this website

How often you go to visit this website

And explain how this website helps you.


Today, I want to share something with you about a website that I oftenvisit. It is called Tuniu, which is considered to be one of the most officialdaily websites in China.


There are plenty of contents about this useful website. Users canreserve rooms in advance when they are on business. On this website, people canalso book various kinds of tickets, such as car or train tickets, evendifferent sorts of tickets to scenic spots and so forth.


Actually, I learned this website through my friend. Since my friendand I are both into traveling, Tuniu provides us with a lot of service that wewant. So my friend recommend it to me. As for me, whenever I want to visit ortravel to another place, I would turn to it for help. So it just depends onwhether I have plans for traveling or not.


Well, I think this website really helps me a lot. Before I knew thiswebsite, whenever I wanted to book some tickets, I needed to go to trainstation or car station, which was quite inconvenient for me, cause I wasted a lot oftime on the way to these places. But the situation has become totally differentsince I got access to this website. Without going outside, I can just stay athome and reserve the tickets I want on the internet. Plus, it can help me tosave a lot of extra money. I have already applied for the membership on thiswebsite, so whenever I want to book tickets or rooms, I can have a reasonableprice. It is really economical, especially for a student like me. Therefore, Ithink this website is quite useful. If you have the same need, I will stronglyrecommend it to you.








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