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摘要:Paret One 1 what is your plan for future? Sample Answer: Well, honestly, I have loads of plans. I m about to go to the UK to further my study next year to get my Master s Degree and I also want to travel around Europe during my study to deepen my un

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1 what is your plan for future?



Sample Answer:

Well, honestly, I have loads of plans. Im about to go to the UK to further my study next year to get my Masters Degreeand I also want to travel around Europe during my study to deepen my understanding of different cultures so that I am able to perform better if I can work in a multinational after I graduate.





2 Do you like art?



Sample Answer:

Id like to say that I have the artsy sideIm so obsessed with those beautiful oil paintings in the gallery. They are more than photos as you can tell how marvellous they are through the texture. But I should say Im not a big fan of those abstract forms of artfor example, some sculptures which are made up of some weird cubes and trianglesare so implicit and so hard to understand what hides behind.



对于艺术类话题是很多同学非常头疼的,对艺术本身的不了解,加上词汇的缺乏,同学们被问到此类问题时心理防线首先被摧垮。像这样的问题在Part1中不必深究,用自己的会说的单词如paintingsculpture and sketch即可。对于艺术我们可以分两方面,喜欢的艺术,如一些漂亮的画和雕塑.不喜欢的艺术,原因:抽象看不懂。


3Are you looking forward to working?



Sample Answer:

WellIf Im rich enough, I wont say I want to work. Job,to me, is literally a way to bring home the bacon. But I guess having a job is not a bad idea, at least I can meet many interesting people and use the professional skill I have to make the society value me more, I think I will be proud of myself.





4Do you like advertisements?



Sample Answer:

Definitely no. I literally think that advertisements do spoil my enjoyment when Im watch TV shows, they pop up from nowhere and last for twenty minutes, its too time-wasting and some of them are just exaggerating, I dont buy it. But there are still some ads which are worthwhile, for example, public-interest ads.



对于广告,大家基本上是深恶痛绝的,原因有一大堆:浪费时间,虚假宣传,扫了看电视节目的兴致。但是我们别忘了,要用critical thinking,任何事物都有好坏,还是有一些广告挺让人享受的,比如公益广告,广告本身对观众也是有一定价值的,比如了解产品信息。





How often you eat chocolate?


Sample Answer:

I usually eat dark chocolate everyday because it's so delicious. And I heard eating some chocolates regularly is good for our health.


Why chocolates are very popular in many countries?


Sample Answer:

Because chocolate is a very delicious snack which has different flavors, like almond, ginger, vanilla and so on. Another reason is that chocolate is associated with different festivals such as Easter, Valentines Day and Christmas. So chocolates have become very important gifts in many countries, especially in western countries. People like to give various kinds of chocolates to their family members and friends. 








Do you carry a bag when you go out? 


Sample Answer:

Yes, I always carry a bag when I go out. As a girl, I have so many things to carry with, like a make up bag, a notebook, my wallet, tissue and keys. So it is necessary for me to carry a bag and put everything inside.


What kind of bags do you like? 


Sample Answer:

To a girl like me, this is a very hard question. I love all kinds of bags in different styles and even different materials. If I have to choice one, I prefer classic tote. Because this kind of bag is very practical and it even has enough space for my documents and laptop. 







Do you like reading?


Sample Answer:

Sometimes, reading makes I disappear from reality. It takes me to other places. I get to be somebody else. A book is the best way for me to escape reality if I am having a bad day. And reading books is entertaining, and educational!


How many hours a week do you spend reading?


Sample Answer:

These days I only spend one or two hours reading a book, to be honest. But when I was younger I used to spend almost all my free time reading.


Whats your favorite kind of books?


Sample Answer:

Oh, I like to read all kinds really. Ive got about hundreds of books at home, actually: fiction, non-fiction and lots of books about art.


What kind of books did you read as a child?


Sample Answer:

When I was in primary school I used to really like adventure stories. Huckleberry Finn was probably my favourite book. I think I have read it more than five times!



Reading虽然是9-12月份的新题,但是相信很多考生并不陌生。在20161-4月份中Reading就曾在Part1中高频出现过。在这个部分中需要考生注意各个类型书籍的准确说法,如fiction, romance, detective, art, cooking etc.; 大家需要说清楚自己喜欢读书和不喜欢读书的原因理由,接合自身的真实情况和经历丰富答案。




Do you have a favorite teacher?

Sample Answer:

Yes, I do have one. She is my English (any subject) teacher in my high school. She was very patient and kind. She taught me a lot, not only the knowledge, but also some things more important like how to be brave and confident, which means a lot to me.


Do you want to be a teacher in the future?


Sample Answer:

I guess I want to. I think teacher is a great job. Coz teachers can get respect from their students, which gives them a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Beside they have two holidays a year. Thats a tempting thing to me.


What kinds of teacher do you like?


Sample Answer:

I like the qualified teacher who is patient and always has an open mind. And I also like teachers who are around my age, so it is easy for us to understand each other. I cant stand some teachers who are stubborn and also very strict to students.


Do you like strict teacher?


Sample Answer:

As I said before, I dont like teachers who are very strict. I usually feel very stressful and nervous if I have a strict teacher. So sometime I cant get a good mark. Then I may lose the interest of that subject.


Teacher20161-4月份的考试也曾是固定题目,考生需要掌握人物描述的重点形容词,patientoutstandingqualifiedfriendly, out-going, strict etc因为Part 1这个部分与考生自身的情况紧紧相关,提醒大家注意前后回答逻辑上的一致,同时注意自己对“教师”这个职业的真实看法。






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