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厦门雅思培训作者:朗阁海外考试中心时间:2015-11-25 14:12


  1.reach an impasse: 遭遇窘境

  2.childhood issues:童年的问题

  3.be a natural at sth.:擅长做某事

  4.roll the dice:滚筛子

  5.be pedantic:迂腐的

  6.look on the bright side:从积极的一面看问题

  7.choke on sth:吃。。噎到

  8.have a little spat:口水战(sheldon一直乐此不疲的)

  9.take your mind off those things:不要再想这些问题

  10.back off:让开

  11.be itching to do sth:渴望做某事

  12.have the guts to do:有勇气做某事(eg.Raj will never have the guts to talk to hot girls.)

  13.pick up on all her little hints:领会她的某些暗示

  14.be a little peeved:耍脾气

  15.build an empire with sb from the ground:与某人一起白手起家

  16.It‘s a sign:这是注定的

  17.drift out:开小差(字面意思:汽车移滑 =half-listening/half-minded)

  18.blend in:融入圈子

  19.put yourself down:摆平自己(=swallow your pride)

  20.I‘m a little on edge:我刚有点激动,不耐烦(貌似是sheldon说的)

  21.It baffles me:。。让我不解(sheldon常说)

  22.miss speaking for the couple now:妻管严(Haward说Penny 和 Leonard)

  23.obnoxious and insufferable:又讨厌又难以忍受(好像是Leonard说Sheldon)

  24.expel sb from the country:把某人从国家驱逐出去(Raj)

  25.Be deported:被驱逐

  26.on trial:在实验中或者受审

  27.lose my cool:哥不淡定了(这么觉得这能Sheldon 能说出来)

  28.run into a dead end:死路一条

  29.be adept at reading facial cues:擅长察言观色(from Sheldon )

  30.conjugal visit:夫妻之间的访问

  31.I’m the third wheel:我是电灯泡

  32.make a pact:约法三章

  33.pull strings:套近乎

  34.maternity leave:产假

  35.buckle down:认真做事或者扣紧


  37.future appears to be bleak:前途惨淡

  38.What stakes do you propose:你和我赌神马?

  39.you have a wager:你有赌注了

  40.ironic doesn‘t agree with me:我不喜欢讽刺

  41.shack up with sb:与某人同居

  42.first come, first serve:先到先得

  43.take the pressure off:卸下压力

  44.fix on the trivial:为小事纠结(Leonard 形容Sheldon)

  45.in a moment filled with biblical resonance:醍醐灌顶

  46.self-criticism and repentance:自我批评和后悔

  47.catch a break:休息一下

  48.buoy my spirit:振奋精神

  49.lessen your discomfort:减轻你的不适

  50.ground-breaking strikes:极大的打击

  51.career trajectory has taken a minor detour:职业道路有点偏差

  52.with a docterate:获得博士学位(eg.Haward is the only men who does not possess a doctrate.)

  53.be a godsend:及时雨

  54.I am engineered:我是试管婴儿

  55.one’s life revolve around:某人的生活以。。为中心

  56.be wiped clean:一干二净了

  57.beneath the exterior,there are cracks:在貌似完好的外表下充满了危机

  58.cool off :冷静下来

  59.Mull over:考虑

  60.go off on the wrong foot:有些误解

  61.I‘m in no position to do:我没有打算去做。。

  62.I don’t possess the tool of leadership:我不擅长

  63.pipe dream:白日梦

  64.deploy out on a mission:为一个任务差遣

  65.old prank:常用的笑话-fall for one of sheldon‘s old pranks

  66.hover over my head:在我脑袋中盘旋

  67.telephone is unlisted:没有存电话

  68.sullen teenage daughter:沉闷的处于青春期的女儿

  69.I’m on fire:我状态超好。

  70.be within earshot:还在听力范围之内

  71.bonus question:附加题

  72.propose an enormous undertaking:费了很大精力

  73.I‘m not good with cold:我怕冷

  74.descend into anarchy:衰退至无政府状态


  76.zip your hole:把嘴闭上

  77.make small talk:闲聊

  78.get me wrong:误解我

  79.get your mind off this:别再想这个了

  80.What do you say?:你觉得呢?

  81.blissful evening:美妙的夜晚

  82.mouthwash:漱口水 body wash:沐浴液 hair conditioner:护发素

  83.catch up with you:跟上你

  84.ravish me:蹂躏我吧

  85.break dancer:噼啪舞者

  86.housewarming gift:搬家礼物

  87.a little bubbles forming on the corners of one’s mouth:恨得某人咬牙切齿(Penny给Sheldon找CD那集)

  88.outearn sb:比某人挣钱多

  89.assembly line:流水线

  90.be condescening:屈尊的

  91.take a nap:小睡一会


  93.head off:扼杀

  94.quench our thirst:遏制渴望

  95.pull together:齐心协力(Penny做头花那集)

  96.can‘t-miss smypossium:不可错过的论坛会

  97.get a shot=take a shot:试一试

  98.creep sb out:恶心某人

  99.be disproportionate to my physical stature:和我体型不成比例

  100.unmitigated disaster:为缓解的灾难

  101.flash drive:优盘

  102.slumdog millionare:平民窟的百万富翁

  103.small package good things:浓缩就是精华(Leonard形容自己)


  105.black out:晕倒

  106.pop into my head:在我的脑海中出现

  107.go black:失去意识


  109.intrude on:侵犯

  110.take it personally:别介意

  111.be too hard on sb:对某人太苛刻

  112.be louging on a sofa:在沙发上懒散得躺着

  113.enlighten sb:启发某人

  114.never-ending stream of:永无止境的。。

  115.find out sound:润嗓子

  116.menopausal symptoms:更年期

  117.perky:活泼(penny 去试镜)

  118.be tempted:被。。吸引

  119.smooth talker:擅长谈话的人

  120.despite a hard and crusty shell, he is a sensitive men:在坚强的外表下,他是一个内心敏感的人

  121.nuture it and make it shine:培养它

  122.get over oneself:别自以为是

  123.call it off:取消

  124.get braces off:把牙套去掉

  125.my hubris and my pride:我的自以为是和骄傲

  126.a little carried away:有点过分

  127.you pick up on that:你看穿了

  128.hit it off:合得来

  129. be behind on one’s bill:手头紧

  130.move a conversation forward:推进谈话

  131.get off my case:别管我

  132.It‘s my treat.:我请客

  133.takeout food:外带


  135.The die has been cast:木已成舟

  136.bring it on yourself:自找

  137.lay the following conundrum at your feet:自找困难

  138.conversation opener:开场白

  139.slide over one:坐座位向旁边移一个

  140.tell on sb:打小报告(Leonard向Sheldon他妈)

  141.that is big of you:气量大(Penny形容Sheldon)

  142.well played:够狠(Sheldon 和PeNNY 斗那集)


  144.put it on the agenda:放在行程中

  145.put it on mute:放静音

  146.take a stand:明确立场

  147.rever sb:崇拜某人(Sheldon的女学生)

  148.You are so witty:你真狡猾

  149.it tickles:痒痒

  150.doze off:打瞌睡

  151.I’M On a roll:人气高

  152.hassle with:与。。斗争

  153.my door is open:我随时欢迎你

  154.weep for:流泪

  155.second-rate mind/lesser mind/mediocro mind:智商一般的(Sheldon 说烂了都)

  156.I‘m close to a breadthrough:我差点就破记录了

  157.lower a bar:降低标准

  158.flaunt one’s success:炫耀某人的成功


  160.be rife with:充满了

  161.crash to the ground:化为huijin

  162.make oneself scarce:溜走

  163.make pee-pee:尿尿

  164.screen people out:筛选人

  165.snort of derision:嘲讽的声音

  166.shore up self-esteen:建立起自尊

  167.I‘ll take the bullit:我先试吧

  168.spy on sb:监视某人

  169.sb is a close talker:善于交谈的人

  170.get on my nerve:惹毛我了

  171.cross my mind:出现在我的脑海中

  172.I don’t kown where I am:我不知道自己所处的位置

  173.We are a good fit:我俩很合适

  174.she speaks my language:她和我是一路人

  175.be at each other‘s throat:看对方不顺眼

  176.hobnob with people :与人过分亲近

  177.beat our brains out:绞尽脑汁

  178.make a habit of it:形成习惯

  179.dwell on:总想着

  180.go off:走火

  181.Life I envisioned/pictured for us:我所预想的生活

  182. be meant for each other:天生的一对

  183.have a yen for me:对我蠢蠢欲动

  184.thoughts started taking precedence over feeling:理性战胜利感性

  185.as the last days expired:随着剩下几天慢慢消逝

  186.keep options open:保持自由身(Leonard描述他和penny的交往)

  187.hook up with sb:与某人交往

  188.Are you high:你喝高了么?

  189.hold out for rediculous fatasy:坚持无聊的幻想

  190.I do not judge a book by its cover,I’am interested in the person underneath:我不会以貌取人

  191.masturbatory fantasies:YY

  192.fiddle with oneself:摆弄自己

  193.sink to his level:降低到他的水平

  194.the more,the merrier:人越多,越好

  195.play innocent with:装清纯

  196.put it on vibrant:调成振动

  197.take some sense into you:调教调教你

  198.remarkable and high-achieving:有卓越成就的(Sheldon讽刺Penny没学问时)

  199.at length:详细的


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